Tuesday, April 7, 2009

The Moen FUZZ MOO and Bassist Bret Calder

The Moen Fuzz Moo has been finding it's way onto more pedal boards and stages as the word spreads out about the MOO's powerful tone and value.
This time in the very capable hands of Mr. Bret Calder, an incredible bassist from the New York area. Bret has been involved in many notable projects in his career and has now found home in the band I,Parasite, where he has spent the last 5 years honing his sound.
This year, the band will release it's 3rd album, " The Sick Are Not Healing"
I, Parasite's sound is great mixture of atmospheric waves and raw power where Bret (and the Fuzz Moo) really come through.
A bit of the band's history:
For over ten years I, Parasite has been making aggressive, atmospheric, and experimental electronic/rock sounds. Starting out as a duo in 1997, co-founders Justin Butts and Christopher Jon released Turin and Horseslayer on a small indie label. After parting ways in 2001, Chris went on to release On This Cold Floor on his own DARKVISIONMEDIA label in mid 2003. The album received critical acclaim from all over the world and led to Chris working with Grammy nominated producer and Anthrax guitarist Rob Caggiano on Cradle Of Filth's Thornography.

Now I, Parasite is preparing to release their third full length album, The Sick Are Not Healing (which includes an appearance from Caggiano on the song "The Stone Doctor"). For this Christopher has assembled a new band: longtime live bassist Bret Calder, Nino (guitar), Brandon (acoustic and electronic drums), and Michael Renfield (keyboards). Expect more from I, Parasite – the band – in 2009.

Quote from Bret:

"The Big Muff pedal I had on board where the Moo is now is now collecting dust. I see no need for it now that I'm using your pedal. The Fuzz Moo is the Muff Eater" ..... Thanks Bret :)
It should also be noted here, that once Iparasite guitarist Nino heard the Fuzz Moo, he went out and got one for his board too. Thanks Nino.
Check out the Iparasite link here: http://www.iparasite.net/v4/

Bret's personal page: http://www.myspace.com/bretcalder

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