Monday, April 13, 2009

Martin Behr and new Moen GEC434 Guitar Commander

Pedalboard #4 (Large Gator)Since November 2008, I proudly endorse MOEN effects pedals. This board is mainly used for the SUNNY SKIES and sessions as it delivers a lot of great and very authentic vintage sounds. (If I need to get rude, I can turn on the Violent Metal at any time.) This versatile board features the MOEN Holy Choir, Overdrive, Uni Comp and Violent Metal, Catalinbread Silver Kiss MKII, Boss Digital Reverb, Ibanez Digital Modulation Delay, Dunlop Cry Baby Wah, Seymour Duncan Twin Tube Classic modded by Tonehunter (Ralf Reichen), Ibanez Tuner and the brand new programmable MOEN GEC434 which does the main switching with 4 loops, Tuner Mute and Solo Boost. This board loves Strats and I love this board. Soon I'll put up an in depth demonstration of how the GEC434 works and how I have set it up to control the whole rig. You can allready hear and see me use this board live on YouTube.

This is new GEC434 Guitar Commander from Moen. This is a very versatile unit capable of many different set up configurations and you will be seeing more on this great switching unit shortly and should be available now as of this writing. But for starters I have included a part one here of the great Martin Behr working with the Commander in a live situation. A promised part 2 is coming along shortly with a full blown vid of the details and specs of the Commander.

From Martin:

April 13, 2009 - Monday
New Live Video on YouTube
On this gig I was having a lot of fun using my new pedalboard featuring the brand new MOEN GEC434 looper. My strats are plugged into the board and from there go directly into a Laney head and Marshall cab. I absolutely love the sound I'm getting with my strats and this board!

Check back soon for Part II of the Medley as well as an in depth demonstration of the GEC434 and how it's used to control effects.

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