Sunday, April 19, 2009

Martin Behr Melody Part II and Moen Effects

As promised, here is part 2 of with Martin Behr jammin' live with his new pedalboard configuration featuring the new Moen GEC 434 Looper along with the Moen Overdrive, Holy Choir Chorus and the Uni-Comp Compressor. Martin takes you through a lot of tonal territory here with softer interludes leading into full blown rock passages to show off the versatility of both the new board and his incredible technique. We are extremely happy to have Martin in the Moen family so listen and enjoy.

From Martin:
"I usually use Ibanez guitars for my solo stuff but tried strats this time around. The pedalboard I use here is very versatile. All the sounds in Parts I and II are achieved with 2 strats, the pedalboard, Laney head and Marshall cab without touching the settings. Besides the MOEN GEC434 (looper), I use the MOEN Holy Choir, Overdrive and Uni Comp."
Please see for more details.

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