Thursday, November 20, 2008

Martin Behr and Moen Update

Moen is very proud to announce the endorsement of a most excellent player:

Endorser - Rock Guitarist Martin Behr From Germany:

We had mentioned him in an earlier post and you should see a link to his home site there as well. Truly a that gifted guitar player and now a Moen endorser as well! There will be more pics of his pedalboard to come that will incorporate the Moen Violent Metal and maybe some others.

Here is a little info on the official announcement and Martin's Bio:

Martin has released 2 instrumental CDs as a solo artist and is currently recording his third solo CD. He gigs with the Iron Maiden-Tribute-Band "KILLERZ" and the Rock-Band "Sunny Skies". Besides teaching, his schedule also includes playing live and studio sessions.
In 1992 he joined the Rock-Band BABY'S IN BLACK, who released the CD "Between" in 1995. After the breakup of REVERSE, he started working on his first solo-CD "Keeping the balance" which was released in 1994. His versatile profile and interest in different musicial styles got him some gigs with iranian singer/composer Siavash Ghomeyshi and he composed and recorded two soundtracks for the computer-games "MAX!" and "Mobility"; he even played dark wave with Danger de mort on two CDs and live.
In 1999 he realesed his second instrumental album "Law of the jungle" again featuring his favourite musicians Rolf Sander on bass and Alex Bisch (Martingan) on drums. Martin has played the german Jemfest three times, sharing the bill with shredding buddies Ricky Garcia (LaFee), Marcel Coenen (Sun Caged) and Eric Vandenberg (writer for "Guitar"-Mag). In 2002 he played guitar on the pop-rock album "Catwalk Autobahn" by Oliver Burg.
November 2008, Martin became MOEN Endorser.

Welcome Martin and thanks for choosing Moen !!

Be sure to check him out.....a really great player and technician.

Here is a link to his latest soundbite on the Moen Violent Metal:

Move 'em with Moen !

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