Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The Moen "Uni-Comp" Bias Control Compressor

This weeks featured effect is Moen's Uni-Comp Compressor. This is a welcome addition to any one's effect arsenal. The Uni-Comp has been getting great player reviews from both guitar and bass player alike. It is really one of the best compressors out there and certainly in the price range of it's competitors. Single lines runs become clear and present and make those power chords sting as well. Some compressors simply "squeeze" the sound (and the volume). Not so with the Uni-Comp as it compresses with clarity and almost "zero" background noise. The Bias Knob features LED "clipping" and you can dial in the Bias that best suits you an your instrument. A must have for all most all styles of music... and effective for both Guitar and Bass.
**Note the Uni-Comp has been getting good reviews for bass applications and has been commented on through various bass talk forums. Definitely worth a look for all you bass players out there as well**
Check out the Moen UNI-COMP !!

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