Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Featured Effect: The Moen Shaky Jimi Vibe

Moen Shaky Jimi Vibe/Chorus

This weeks Spotlight is on the Moen Shaky Jimi Vibe/Chorus. This is really a standout in the excellent Moen line of effects.
The Jimi offers up some great vibe tones at a very nice price!

This unit has been getting very good reviews from players and is featured on many new pedalboards since it's introduction. With reliable tracking for both rate and depth, you can really conjure up those liquid like tones with a slow dreamy vibe or increase the rate to find other great tonal territories.
To add even more tonal possibilities, the Jimi is a Vibe + Chorus and incorporates a toggle for fast switching between Vibe and Chorus modes. The Chorus feature pulls some very nice Leslie type tones and simply adds more tonal options to your arsenal.
And like all Moen effects, the Jimi is housed in a full metal casing, features a reliable metal stompswitch and True Bypass.
Check out the reviews and read the comments on this great Vibe from Moen!

Plug in the Jimi and start your own Band of Gypsys!

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