Friday, January 29, 2010

Moen Anole Looper

Wanted to post this short video here from Martin Behr on the benefits of having Loop control for fast song shift which really helps with tonal possibilites and timing of different tones.

The Anole is an excellent choice as it provides fast shift switching, silent tuner out, and True Bypass construction. True Bypass is excellent for running your vintage pedals along with more modern ones.

The MOEN ANOLE LOOPER allows the player to chain his/her effects in selected preset configurations. Instead of having to click on and off multiple pedals in a song, the guitarist need only select the configuration through the dual looper pedal. This dual path is very versatile and will come in handy many times over.
Three Loop Paths:
The guitarist can configure his effect chains in three loop paths.
Path1: Bypass – Loop A
Path 2: Bypass – Loop B
A or B Loop Single Toggle Switch (for one click control of A or B)
Path 3: Plus...... in-line jack for Tuner !! You can silent switch the box and bypass to the tuner for fast tuning whenever you need it.... great idea.

Just as an example, Loop A can be used as the Drive loop. Pedals such as an Overdrive or Distortion can be chained in this loop. Loop B can be used to put cleaner Modulation effects in such as Chorus, Echo or Delay configurations..... Or pretermined "sound sets" on either side loop for fast song switching.
When Loop A is selected, the Overdrive and Distortion chain will be turned on and when Loop B is selected, the chorus and delay chain will be turned on. One switch controls both sides for fast tone shifting. Very cool........

Check out the Anole here and thanks for watching.......

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