Tuesday, August 11, 2009

New Moen Ulite series PHASE and TREMOLO coming soon

Two new additions in the great new Ulite series from Moen will be shipping soon and a lot of work has been done to make these standouts as well.

First up is the new Ulite UL-PH Phase. This new Phase will feature all the great vintage sounds from Van Halen era as well as the capacity for much more modern tonal options.
Ulite Phase is a notch engine which deliver vintage and modern phase tones, in "VINTAGE" mode only rate knob is active, the distortion is minimized and easy to get classic tone. In "CTRl" mode it allows user to control the depth (CTRL1) and resonance (CTRL2), and you can can stronger and more modern phase tones.

Next is the UL-TR Ulite Tremolo. This versatile Tremolo pedal works with LFO and opto LED's. The LFO have two working models - Triangle and Square Waves, so you can tailor the Trem to your taste.

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