Tuesday, May 12, 2009


This is the new MOEN POWER STATION

The Total Solution For Powering Pedal Boards and Effects !!

  • Advanced features for your guitar rig and designed for the serious musician.
  • Stable powering of effects such as select Tube driven effects that require more voltage.
  • Protects your effects from power loss and renegade voltage.
  • Features:
    ○ Regulated 9V x 1 & 12V x1 DC output with maximum 750 mA (in total) capacity for effects power straight from the board.
    ○ Advanced over-current protection circuit, instantly shuts off the DC power when over-current occurs......
    ○ Ammeter shows the DC power consumption.
    ○ 10 digits LED sound level meter.
    ○ Two AC output plugs with fused protection for use with any device or hardwired AC effect.
    ○ Ground the gigs before play, earth terminal check indicator to ensure correct AC power connection.
    ○ External FX loop.
    ○ Bridge in-out plugs

A lot of options and power for your expanding rig. Brand new from Moen !

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